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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Survey Report

This report presents the results of a survey on students’ suggestion about an optician profession. The aim of this survey was to determine the knowledge of student about the profession of optician. Also, it was to get some results about their ocular vision. And finally, to find out if their interested in this job.

The sample consisted of determining if the person had a visual problem, if he wore glasses or contact lenses, whether he likes it? And why or why not if he doesn’t like it? In my survey there were ten questions. Some of those were multiple choices. My survey was about the optician is job. The question asked about people who wear glasses or contact lenses. Also, if they had a vision problem or not. Finally, asked if it takes many school years to become an optician. Only nine people did my Survey question.

Resume of my answered survey
I’m going to explain my chart. I split it into three groups. The first one in light blue is the people who answered my survey and wear glasses. The second one is wear glasses. In the white column, it is the people who have beautiful eyes with no problems. All of the three groups know where the program is given. In general, the people answered the good thing but two people didn’t really look at the questions because it was talking about contact lenses and they answered that they did not have contact lenses and when I asked to them my other question, they said that their contact lenses material was flexible. So in general, the people know about what the optician job was.

The results demonstrate that they had six questions where the people can’t answer other things. All of the students know where the program is given but some of those don’t really know what the studies for this job are. Forty-four percent answered that to become optician, you have to study at the university and get a baccalaureate. It is not true. To become an optician, you just need your Secondary and 3 years at the college. Only one person doesn’t know what an optician’s job is. There are more people who wear glasses. I suppose that the people who wear contact lenses, wear glasses too because habitually, when you wear contact lenses, you have glasses if you have a bad luck or something else. Three people had no vision problem. No body had diseases because I think that people are healthy and they were not in an advanced age group. I suppose they are inside a group of less than forty years. I think that the two people who didn’t answer the question were because they just don’t understand the word disease. I was very impressed when I saw the results when I was asked what kind of contact lenses people wore. I’m not sure that thirty seven point five percent wear rigid contact lenses. All of my friends who study in the same program and work in an optical clinic, never or rarely see a person with rigid lenses. It happens but it was not the majority of the population.Normally, they worn flexible lens.

Interested or not
I put other chart for demonstrated the people who are interested or not about the optician job. Only one person would like to know many other things about the optician’s job. Why aren’t they interested about this job? I think it is because they don’t really know what the job is or it is a group of people who were in young age so they don’t need information about their ocular vision. They don’t know what a vision problem is because they don’t have this kind of problem. When they are older, they will not have the choice to wear glasses of contact lens because their age and their eyes will not permit that. So, now it is the moment to sensitize the young people because often when the problem is coming, they are waiting just as being a very big problem.

The survey confirms that people know what the job is and the majority don’t want to know something else about this job. Why? I don’t really know but I can suppose that they are in health and they don’t need to have more information about the job, about the diseases etc. If I had to change something about my survey, I’m would be more specific in the question. For example, if I want to talk about the program given, I would just ask questions about this subject. It was difficult to place people to group and do a chart with that. My chart relates to the majority of questions that I asked.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

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My town's name is St-Mathieu de la Prairie. For me, it takes about twenty minutes by car to come to school. I don't live in a city but in a small village, but they don't have pigs and cows in my village!. I think my town is the best place for relaxing. It's calm, relaxing and we can hear the water in the river, we can read books outside when it's summer and we can give food to birds, squirrels and others animals. So, if you like the fresh air, you will love this place but if you are a person who likes the noise of cars and the stress of many things, you will not appreciate this place very much.
I was born in 1987 at St-Mathieu and I never moved. my parents decided to built the house before beggining their family. In my childhood, I walked when I went to school because the school is very close to my house. Finally, i want to stay in this small place because i like the sound of calm. It is not noisy and it's the perfect place live to begin my family for the future..

Wednesday, March 01, 2006